we make technological nature


Technological nature that changes
human life

ecosystem restoration of damaged natural environments to technology development capabilities in the road industry,
we are adding the value of green factories to domestic land development and development.


We carry out various projects with
extensive experience
and industry-leading technology.

Ecological restoration

Ecological restoration materials /
Vegetation mat /
Pedestrian mat /
Vegetation method for salty land

Restoring the natural ecosystem by improving the soil environment
with eco-friendly civil engineering materials in the form of natural
materials instead of artificial compositions
that do not decompose
(key product of the Four Major Rivers Project)

Public procurement delivery experience

Eco-friendly design flooring /
Pre-formed fused paint (Solid paint)

proprietary material developed by combining thermoplastic plastic and high-quality organic pigments. It is an eco-friendly material that solves the problems of environmental hazards, durability, and simple color, which were pointed out as limitations of existing heat-sealed road markings

Design marking

Pre-molded design development / PRE FORM

Asphalt paving, concrete paving, sidewalk block paving, etc.
Research and development of various designs that can utilize
all floor spaces indoors and outdoors
(suggesting solutions in terms of social issue design)

Equipment development

Industrial equipment / Material equipment

Road paint heating device (patent May 2022)
Seamless vegetation mat manufacturing equipment
Business Areas

We contribute to
local communities
and national development
by promoting
social value through ESG management
practice and public commercialization.

Ecological restoration

Design markings

Material development