About US


we make technological nature


We are continuously working to create an
environmental space where humans and
nature are in harmony


Acquired quality management system certification (ISO 9001:2015)
Acquired environmental management system certification(ISO 14001:2015)
Design registration(30-1222351) / Design registration(30-1222348)
Design registration(30-1222349) / Design registration(30-1222350)
Received a commendation from the Director of the Public Procurement Service
Selected as an excellent company at Korea National Market Expo


Selected as a specialized company for materials, parts and equipment
Acquired environmental label certification (No. 27143) / Eco-friendly design flooring
Acquired Q mark certification(V80-2022-001) / Eco-friendly design flooring
Selected as an excellent case for the Small and Medium Business
Corporation's Innovation Voucher Project
Patent registration(10-2423651)
Manufacturing method of road filler and paint containing the same
Patent application(10-2022-0059902)
Road paint heating device
Design board composition Patent registration(10-2387539)
Acquisition of Innobiz certification(제220901-00071호)
Extension of venture company certification
(reorganization of venture certification system)


Patent registration (10-1968618)
Rope containing optical fiber derivatives and road surface paving materials using the same
Factory registration
(6 types including surface treatment and textile manufacturing)


Patent registration(10-1929016)
Manufacturing method of seamless vegetation mat
and seamless vegetation mat manufactured using it
Public Procurement Service National Marketplace product registration
Eco-friendly geotextile
Capital increase (KRW 10 million > KRW 210 million)


Acquired Q mark certification(V-51-2017-002) / Eco-friendly geotextile
Establishment of a corporate research center (No. 2017114911)


Establishment of Green Factory Co., Ltd.
(Capital : KRW 10 million)